Electric vehicle forums and websites

There are quite a few forums on the net for electric bikes, scooters, motorcycles and cars. Mostly they cover early adopter issues, tinkering, advocacy and DIY conversions. Here are the ones I’ve been drawn to:

  • Endless Sphere, A lively forum with an emphasis on electric bikes
  • V is for Voltage Another lively forum with many posts on scooters and motorcycles, particularly the Vectrix
  • Electric Motoring A UK forum that’s relatively new, it covers mostly imported Chinese scooters
  • Battery Vehicle Society A UK site with many posts concerning electric car/van conversions, and (unsurprisingly) batteries
  • Elmoto A forum dedicated electric motorcycles and conversions
  • DIY Electric Car Forums Electric car conversions galore, including a gallery and blogs

Also for those just dipping their toe, these sites give a nice overview/introduction:

  • Autoblog Green An offshoot of the automitive news site Autoblog that covers alternative fuel and fuel efficient vehicles
  • EV World Electric vehicle news
  • EVcast Electric vehicle podcasts from the US and the UK
  • EVTV.me Video blog of a thorough BMW Mini EV conversion
  • EV Album A gallery of electric vehicles big and small, from around the world

I’m sure there are plenty more I’ve missed, please leave a comment if you know of any.